Monday, February 20, 2006

a recent post at said the gramophone introduced me to the website called Ask for Cents. You email a question to and a real person will respond. Maybe I'm just lonely (all my friends seem to be on study abroad), but I get a kick out of it. Like said the gramophone, I've asked some questions pertinent to WMCN:

me: how can we get these college radio djs to stop playing so much death cab for cutie?
answer 1: pay them. it's all about the benjamins
answer 2: It is impossible. Mainstream indie must be played. Mainstream indie is not a cliche. I love mainstream indie. You love mainstream indie. We all love mainstream indie. Mainstream indie is our FRIEND. We must obey mainstream indie...

me: what's up with hipsters, anyway?
answer: they're just self-esteemless souls.

me: is a college degree really worth it?
answer: it wasn't for me.

me: jenny lewis and belle & sebastian are both playing in my town on the same night. what do i do?
answer 1: Jenny Lewis all the way!
answer 2:
Find a friend that also wants to go to one of these shows, and both take recording devices to the shows -- later, exchange the recordings. Concert recording can be illegal, so be careful to understand the rules (and the laws). But exchanging recordings with your friend and talking about the shows can also be a fun way to experience both! Good luck!



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