Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Does anyone remember Kittie? Maybe you were in middle school and you bought thier CD because, wow, girls playing metal. I know I did. It didn't take long, however, for the gimmic to fall apart and for people to realize Kittie actually wasn't all that special or talented. For most people, Kittie is now probably completely forgotten, or maybe a shameful secret hiding in the back of thier CDs collections. This isn't due to lack of trying on Kittie's part however, they have actually been very active these last few years, releasing the three more CDs since "Spit" and going through more lineup changes than most bands could survive. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean they have moved forward at all musically, rather, they seem to have lost whatever minor edge and talent they once had. Funeral For Yesterday doesn't have much appeal, none of the tracks really hold up after one listen, and the entire album just feels like something by a Kittie cover band that decided to write some original tracks. The screaming is of note for being particularily weak and feels forced in to make the CD seem like it has some abrasion; Morgan Lander's ability to yell has definitally fallen off since her stronger grunting on "Oracle" which, although not being a fantastic CD by any means, at least had moments and some sort of passion and energy to it. It doesn't help either that the tracks on Funeral For Yesterday all sound like eachother and even Lander's clean vocals are lacking any interest and are hard to get into. Oh well. Definitally not recommended.

For some recent metal that is actually pushing the bar:
Amon Amarth

Industrial act Combichrist has a sampler up for thier new CD to be released soon entitled "What the fcuk is wrong with you people?" at


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