Monday, May 05, 2008

finals have been pretty bad this year, and are only about to get worse. but, as with most things (not feeling twee enough, crippling sorrow), i find that a little calvin johnson can help out a lot.

i recently discovered his post-beat happening (there's a reunion that needs to happen) collective dub narcotic sound system. their sound has been called 'indie-funk', as it incorporated a lot of stuff (r&b, reggae, primitive electronica) you didn't see a lot in 90s indie music. "monkey hips and rice" is the most fun example of what they do--it's got a classic motown riff, but it's the most shambolic, unprofessional-sounding motown riff you could possibly imagine. which is to say that it's got that classic k charm.

here's to paper-writing:
dub narcotic sound system--"monkey hips and rice"


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