Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm not one of those josh homme fanboys--who if you've ever met one you know sure do love josh homme--but for the past couple days i've been playing "i wanna make it with chu" non-stop. it's a song from his desert sessions project, and one written and performed with the great pj harvey. a languid, sultry blues number, homme liked the track so much he later rerecorded it with queens of the stone age and released it as a single. the desert sessions version is the way to go, however, and this live version is pretty cool:


Blogger npsacks said...

I believe I am one of those Josh Homme fanboys. PJ is good but you obviously haven't seen the video where Cee-Lo sings it live with noted powerhouse Dave Grohl on drums.

4:29 PM  

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