Tuesday, June 26, 2007

well the year is almost half over and at this point i feel that dinosaur jr.’s album "beyond" is easily the best of 2007. it might even be their best album ever. it’s ear-shreddingly loud of course and there are tons of gratuitous/absolutely necessary guitar solos. but the most endearing thing about “beyond” is how vulnerable j mascis sounds (he always was, but no one ever notices). he’s a lonely old dude and it’s really touching to hear him come to grips with that and be sort of hopeful at the same time.

or maybe “beyond” is total shit and i'm crazy. who knows? start choppin:
dinosaur jr.--"crumble"
dinosaur jr.--"almost ready (live)"

anyone else have a fave?


Blogger Geoff said...

Sorry to bury your sweet sweet post so quickly. I sadly have not yet heard "Beyond", though I've been grooving on some "Bug" recently. Thanks for the downloads (and the lowdown)!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

i vote for marnie stern's "in advance of broken arm," but you already knew that...playing with Gay Beast at 7th street entry on monday night!!!! ZACH HILL WILL BE ON DRUMS!!!!!!!!!! don't miss it.

1:45 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

yeah she can shred, if only they let the youth into that one...

also, if you've ever wondered how good j mascis is at guitar hero (and lord knows we all have) definitely check out this vid

1:30 PM  

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