Monday, July 23, 2007

j mascis on mtv 1993

so i guess this is the third dinosaur post (linking to one's own posts=narcissism?). it would probably be overkill if this clip weren't so awesome--so awesome (and long) youtube won't let me upload it. don't want to spoil it but i have to say it is definitely of its time.


Blogger nick said...

my god. this is like the elgin marbles of college radio. where did you get this? please tell me there's more...the pjs, the banter, the mbv in the background, introing a king missile video...i was slack jawed throughout.

ever listen to any of his solo stuff? i liked "free so free"

which a friend introduced to me as a concept album about skydiving, though pfork and a couple other sources played it up being about his relationship with uma thurman!

good work.

12:07 AM  
Blogger aaron said...

i am glad you like that video too. what a fucking gem!

anyways i got it on, an amazing site with lots of dinosaur videos and live recordings and stuff, and which is apparently more or less sanctioned by the band. nothing approaches that vid, sadly. there is a great clip from “the year that punk broke” movie with j. (hanging with kim gordon) absolutely despondent over uma being gone. or is he fucking with us? hard to tell with that guy:

i also crave more mtv stuff from that era, but i don’t know where that’d be. in a vault somewhere?

haven't heard any of the solo/fog stuff. i feel like once you start listening to that you ascend a level in mascis worship, and my fixation is unhealthy enough as is.

3:30 PM  

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