Tuesday, December 25, 2007

doing some academic research for a recent gift to self (still one left!!) i stumbled across a pretty cool archival site that has ads, newsletters and horrorscopes from pre-'91 sub pop. very cool from what i've seen so far.

also in relation to the self-gift, i found a cool blog post from what seems to be a very cool blog with .rar files of both the dinosaur jr 7" single "the wagon" and a mark arm single where he covers dylan's "masters of war" (we have a copy of this at the station, i believe). the sub pop version of "the wagon" is somewhat different from the one that kicks off "green mind"--i'd venture to say better, as, kind of like "freak scene", it finds the sweet spot between noise and melody. the one on "green mind", while pretty excellent not to mention very similar, sounds polished in comparison.

anyways there will probably be some sort of list-having post in the near future from yours truly; g.m. stueven promised me a similar post we have yet to see...

edit: i seem to have used the word "cool" 4 times in a mere 3 sentences. perhaps i was inadvertently trying to capture the spirit of the 90s?


Blogger Geoff said...

Yikes, more links than I know what to do with!

You could have varied it up with a few rads or awesomes. I know for a fact that we have that Mark Arm single.


4:48 PM  

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