Monday, December 31, 2007

My top 10 songs of the year 2007

10. Bruce Hornsby -"Questions and Answers"- On his first true jazz record, Hornsby and friends are masterful throughout, but this song just continues to reveal Bruce's versatility as a pianist.
9. Black Kids- "Hit the Heartbrakes"- "The Wizard of Ahhs" might only have had 4 tracks, but together they were my favorite EP and album of the year. Separately, each track is still strong, encompassing so many different melodies, tempos, ans vocal styles.
8. Robert Pollard- "Our Gaze"- One of our highest charting albums of the semester gave fruition to this song. It's nostalgic, yet upbeat at the same time. It transports you to a bygone era while still looking forward.
7. Bruce Springsteen- "Radio Nowhere"- Best song from the Boss in well over a decade.
6. Okkervil River- "Our Life is Not A Movie or Maybe"- Macalester's own does it again. And to think that I only learned about this group earlier this year. So many different musical themes come together on this track.
5.Radiohead- "All I Need"- This track really summarized "In Rainbows" very well, a great comeback effort, and one of the best songs by Radiohead yet.
4.Band of Horses- "No One's Gonna Love You"- The beautiful distortions on this piece transport you to a certain place as only Band of Horses has a knack for doing.
3. The Shins- "Phantom Limb"- It's the track everyone talked about in 2007.
2. Idlewild- "No Emotion"- Funny thing is, I didn't even know this album was out until the morning of one of my shows, and then the album was there in the studio. Shows the risks Idlewild took on the whole album, and as if it weren't good enough as is, the music video makes it all worth it.
1. Maritime- "Pearl"- How risky was this track? Davey von Boehlen and co. based the whole thing around an '80s guitar riff. And it worked. Coupled with the pensive lyrics, it defined Maritime's sound progression on their latest record.

Have a great start to 2008!


Blogger Geoff said...

There's that band called Idlewild again...
Good call on #3. They were talking about it because it's great!

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