Monday, June 09, 2008

i think it was at last year's sometimes-annual low christmas show that a cameraman managed to obscure even the famously good sight lines at first ave. i remember being irked at the time, but the fruits of a little annoyance have proven great. the dutch documentary "you may need a murder," which follows mimi and alan and their kids cyrus and hollis on tour, at home and on stage, is (in my huuuuuumble opinion) amazingly beautiful.

while alan sounds like a bit of a crazy (LSD+LDS=delusions of antichrist), you can see how much he loves mimi and how heavy the world is on his shoulders. with interviews at their home in duluth and in alan's hometown of leonard, mn, the filmmaker lets his subjects wax philosophical, but stops short of revealing a tragic flaw. i admired this band before for their honesty and simplicity, and now i admire the individuals for the same reasons. what you see on stage and hear in the music, it seems, is as deep a truth as any.

for a while, at least, you can stream the movie here.
the introduction is in dutch, but the film is in english with dutch subtitles (strangely understandable to this german speaker, who knew?)

anyways, enjoy.


Blogger Geoff said...

I think that cameraman was actually there during the Drums and Guns release show last spring, but I might be wrong. This is the 800th or so Low post on this blog, but a necessary one, as Alan Sparhawk is now a movie star.

6:10 PM  

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