Wednesday, February 11, 2009

way back in october, out magazine published a list they call "the 100 greatest, gayest albums of all time" ("The ballots have been cast. The gay experts have spoken.") when i saw the magazine this morning, i assumed "hunky dory" would top the list; it's not even in the top 20, while the comparatively heterosexual and slightly inferior "ziggy stardust" comes in at number one. still, it's a pretty good list even if you can quibble with bits of it (is "purple rain" truly prince's gayest album? what on earth is "sgt. pepper's" doing here?--the criteria aren't exactly clear). a few of the wmcn-endorsed discs on the list:

2. the smiths "the smiths"
8. madonna "the immaculate collection"
12. the velvet underground & nico "the velvet underground and nico"
38. dusty springfield "dusty in memphis"
45. bikini kill "pussy whipped"
49. patti smith "horses"
60. r.e.m. "automatic for the people"
61. sleater-kinney "dig me out"
71. t.rex "electric warrior"
88. husker du "zen arcade"
92. morrissey "viva hate"

what say you?


Blogger Geoff said...

Great list. It barely needs the qualification of "gayest." The omission of If You're Feeling Sinister is curious.

Funny, I was going to do an 80s synth pop post, but all my best material is represented here.

Agreed about Bowie. Aladdin Sane deserves a mention if for no other reason than the cover image, though maybe I am biased.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

Music is inherently gay, so I guess the list benefits as a result.

9:29 PM  

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