Thursday, January 22, 2009

important events in american history aside, the most exciting news of the past week was, unsurprisingly, robyn hitchcock-related. the indefatigable merchant of surrealism has a new album out in february, “goodnight oslo”. new material from robyn is always cause for celebration, all the more so because the record will feature the excellent venus 3 backing him up. weak at the knees in response to this news, all i could do was to preorder the record, which comes with 3 bonus tracks.

among these is the superlative “up to our nex,” a song that will be familiar to viewers of the dreadful “rachel getting married”. “nex” is a jangle attack, punctuated by bursts of horn, and shows robyn and the boys in fine form. a different version of the track will appear on “goodnight oslo”.

mp3: robyn hitchcock & the venus 3--"up to our nex"


Blogger Geoff said...

I know you said Robyn was the best part of Rachel, but I didn't know you thought the movie was dreadful. I hope that's some sort of twisted joke.

11:34 AM  

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