Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 in blog
a roundup of 2008 in indie, with links to some vids/mp3s the blog has gifted the world in the past 12 months (along with inscrutable two-word reviews!):
jaundiced australiana: nick cave & the bad seeds--"dig, lazarus, dig!!!"
electronic elasticity: david byrne and brian eno--"strange overtones"
saccharine hardcore?: fucked up--"black albino bones"
dancable ghostedelia: cut copy--"feel the love"
reissues count*: the replacements--"can't hardly wait [echo chamber demo]"
in-studio awesomeness: jeremy messersmith--"love you to pieces"
better stipe-ocalypse: r.e.m.--"accelerate"
lovelorn, still: the wedding present--"spiderman on hollywood"
narcoleptic haze: beach house--"wedding bell"
sparse regret: edgar cayce--"let go"
pop attack: the baseball project--"jackie's lament"
folkgazer 2:02: wye oak--"please concrete"
*mental illness: sebadoh--"telecosmic alchemy"
no mimi: retribution gospel choir--"kids"
fucking majestic: spiritualized--"soul on fire"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two-word reviews are not inscrutable; rather, they are strangely perfect. I so get "loverlorn, still" for the Wedding Present and "danceable ghostedelia" for Cut Copy. And danceable ghostedelia should be a new subgenre on All Music Guide.

9:05 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

beach house--"gila"
wmcn: "narcoleptic haze"
p4k: "narco-haze"

spiritualized--"soul on fire"
wmcn: "fucking majestic"
p4k: "reinforces its majesty"

plagiarism, great minds thinking alike, or wmcn being light years (4 days) ahead of pitchfork?

4:33 PM  

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