Monday, December 08, 2008

Kill some time with The House of Love. As it turns out, the three best songs from their ultra-classic 1990 self-titled album (not to be confused with their supposedly classic 1988 self-titled debut) have videos, all of which can be found on a certain video sharing interweb database. If you prefer to experience the band's music without the sight of singer Guy Chadwick's odd face, then I suggest you forgo viewing the following.

Here's the best of the lot, called "Shine On." So huge!

Ah, no sound more comforting than the maelstrom of a big British post-punk melancholic jam. Next, a song in the Brit-pop rave-up vein, "I Don't Know Why I Love You" (...your face is a hammer in my head--nice!).

There's also a video for "Beatles and the Stones," for which embedding has been disabled (I'm assuming because images of the title bands abound). The vid is a bit too literal, and the song edit lacks the crucial intro, but if you can't relate to the words, then you have no business reading this blog (I need to stop saying things like that).

Happy finals week, everyone. Year-end roundups coming soon...


Blogger aaron said...

i feel like understanding this and synth-pop is the key to understanding geoff, but i confess i just don't see whatever it is that makes it particularly special.

as for beatles/stones-related songs, i'm a "hatchet" man

5:12 PM  

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