Saturday, November 08, 2008

The weather has turned bad in Minnesota, which is not to say that it's not still pretty outside (it is). Anyway, as a result I have started playing somber British rock/pop music again. Here's a good one in that category, by the fantastic early 90s Catherine Wheel. The song is too loud to be very somber, but it does contain what might still be my favorite moment in recorded music. Listen to what happens at 2:20 (and the preceding maelstrom) and see if your heart doesn't drop out of your chest. Whoa!

[mp3] Catherine Wheel - "Strange Fruit"

Yeah, it's called "Strange Fruit." I don't want to discredit Lady Day's (unrelated) song of the same name, which a larger segment of the world's population probably considers to be the greatest moment in recorded music, far greater than this trifling shoegazing zinger by the underloved Catherine Wheel.


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