Wednesday, October 01, 2008

few things rule as much as an awesome compilation, and few compilations rule as much as the first kill rock stars comp. first in a series that also included "rock stars kill" and "stars kill rock" (perhaps a "kill stars rock" is in the works), the disc features pretty much every pacific northwest band you would've wanted to hear in 1991--nirvana, but also heavens to betsy, melvins and some velvet sidewalk. so while 90s indie fans eagerly await november 18, we might pass some time listening to a standout on an album with a lot of standouts, bikini kill's fantastic "feels blind":

[mp3] bikini kill--"feels blind"

the kill rock stars label was formed in part because founder slim moon though bikini kill were simply too sweet a band to remain unsigned--it's not hard to see why, no?


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