Friday, August 15, 2008

driving from minnesota to iowa seemed like a momentous occasion (which it turned out to be: i turned in an olympian performance, making it from st. paul to my front door in 2 hours and 58 minutes, even with my broken arm) so i decided to make a summertime mixtape to ease my boredom. it was governed by a set of arcane and possibly stupid rules not worth sharing, but i thought i'd share the tracklisting and ask anyone else if they had a summer 2008 mix they'd like to share. tried to provide links when possible:

[1] "100%" Sonic Youth
[2] "Lloyd Price Express" Beck
[3] "Trópico De Cancer" Café Tacuba
[4] "Jackie's Lament" The Baseball Project
[5] "American Boy" Estelle feat. Kanye West
[6] "Death To Los Campesinos!" Los Campesinos!
[7] "You Can't Stop Me Now [single edit]" RZA as Bobby Digital
[8] "Good Dope/Good Fun" Spiritualized
[9] "Love Can Tame The Wild" The Monks
[10] "Ten Years Gone" Led Zeppelin
[11] "Get It Up" The Time
[12] "Honey" Erykah Badu
[13] "Supergalactic Lover" Kool Keith
[14] "Metal Firecracker" Lucinda Williams
[15] "Alchoholiday" Teenage Fanclub
[16] "Flood" Sebadoh
[17] "Brain Burner" No Age
[18] "Slapped Actress" The Hold Steady

and thought i'd share "jackie's lament" by the baseball project, whose first record is jangle-pop done right and hasn't quite gotten the attention it deserves. a supergroup consisting of songwriters scott mccaughey and steve wynn, with r.e.m.'s peter buck on bass, these guys are all 80s survivors still at the top of their game. every song on the album is about baseball, which could have been gimmicky or a turn off for non-fans, but songs about sandy koufax, curt flood and ted "fucking" williams go considerably deeper than a box score, and this track, about jackie robinson, gives him a lot more humanity than do the postage stamps and history books:

the baseball project--"jackie's lament"
[i'll post the link once the effing macalester webmaster--no naming names here--decides to fix netstorage]


Blogger Geoff said...

No mixes here, though I should've made one for the train trip, since I have music ADD anyway and skip from band to band in my iTunes like every song has to be the perfect kickoff for my epic trans-Dakotan journey. I've thought of making a Bad Religion mix for my mom, since they've long been one of the punk bands I listen to in her presence that she approves of (I think it has something to do with Greg Graffin's earnest/literate/melodic delivery--he sounds like a likeable dude). This mix would have to include a nice balance of the band's mid-tempo barn burners and lightning speed ultra-melodic, um, barn burners, and would certainly feature "Faith Alone," "Sanity," "Los Angeles is Burning," "Broken," "A World Without Melody," and Mom's favorite, "21st Century Digital Boy" (the inferior but still rousing "Stranger than Fiction" version). I need to stop hogging the comments page.

Good call on the Lucinda track, one of my faves.

11:02 PM  
Blogger aaron said...

yeah i have that problem too when i travel. i make a mental list of more music than i could possibly listen to on my trip, and i always hesitate for fear the first song i hear won't be a perfect kickoff.

12:30 PM  

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