Monday, August 18, 2008

because i neglected to ever get a job back in may/june, i've had a lot of free time this summer. and, thanks to a little cash flow and the wonderfully cheap portland house shows, i've been able to spend a lot of that free time going to concerts. i've managed to catch 26 shows and some 100+ bands. admittedly, most of the shows i ended up at weren't very good (an especially disappointing set from Frog Eyes comes to mind), but there were a few that made a great impression.

one show really stood out for me. i ended up at the house (wonderfully named Castle Greyskull) at the insistence of my friend Nora, the high-school-sophomore-cum-folk-singer Glass Teeth. now, there's two reasons that this show was memorable for me.

1. a guy named Edward played with a friend. now, Edward was well beyond drunk. Edward and his friend covered that damn Imogen Heap song Hide and Seek, along with playing a few of their own songs. Edward finished the set by peeing in his empty rum bottle (in the living room that we were all sitting in) before angrily stumbling out of the room. he later fell down, taking a set of curtains with him. at the end of the night he tried to get in my car as i was leaving, then ran down Burnside screaming. anyway, here's that Imogen Heap cover:

2. for a better memory, the act that followed Edward and his friend was Edgar Cayce, who introduced himself as "Mike, from Michigan." he's Mike Flores, and he's one of the many solo acoustic guitar troubadours that keep a regular presence in music. and Mike Flores doesn't really bring anything new to the genre. he's one of a million of his kind; playing guitar in a stranger's house, recovering from any number of drug addictions, selling home-made CDs from a kitchen counter. i really enjoyed his performance, and bought his CD I've Been Better. it's since been one of my summer staples. check it:

Edgar Cayce - Let Go (mp3)

ps. the following artists have all also put on great shows every time i've seen them and i recommend catching them if ever you get the chance: Japanther, YACHT, Beirut, boat, Starfucker, Guidance Counselor, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Hooliganship.


Blogger Geoff said...

I hope you wore earplugs! I'd see AGSFB anyday, because I imagine they are as adorable as that girl Japanese duo (Smoosh?)

11:05 PM  
Blogger Corbin said...

I actually caught them 3 times this summer and they were pretty good at every show.

5:12 AM  

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