Sunday, October 12, 2008

Liner Notes, the bi-weekly newsletter that only comes out once a month! I don't suppose you'd be interested to know how long it took me to cram all that quality content into two jam-packed pages bursting with goodies (not unlike a new 1783 edition of The Onion--way more brilliant than LN will ever be). I might drop this edition of the newsletter off at Cheapo's periodical racks, so you can go out of your way to pick it up there while helping to prolong the death throes of America's record stores by buying a used copy of Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down for $3. Without further ado...

Supplemental mp3s:

[mp3] Death Vessel - "Bruno's Torso"
[mp3] Secret Shine - "Know"


Blogger aaron said...

that new onion is pretty fucking great.

9:01 PM  

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