Friday, April 03, 2009

monday, april 6 will mark morrissey's first concert in minnesota in 9 years, a day on which local depressives will no longer suffer the indignity of never having seen their hero croon in the flesh. as dr. james yogurt noted in a recent "liner notes," the man has been on a tear of late, with 2009's "years of refusal" ranking among his best solo work.

morrissey's renaissance began way back in 2004 with "you are the quarry," a concept album about mike joyce. lead single "first of the gang to die"--probably written about and for morrissey's huge l.a. latino fanbase--is still a stunner:

two years later, camera obscura put out the amazing "lloyd i'm ready to be heartbroken" in advance of their disc "let's get out of the country." listen to the chugging guitar riffs that introduce and propel both songs--they're exactly the same!:

bonus points to camera obscura for cribbing from later period morrissey as well as the smiths, and also to everyone who's been waiting nine years (or a lifetime) to see this absolutely singular performer and finally getting the chance.


Blogger Geoff said...

What do you mean by "in the flesh"? How long did you spend researching Moz's TC appearances? I never got to see the Quest, sadly.

"Lloyd" is apparently an homage to Lloyd Cole, though I don't know any Lloyd Cole to be able to say if it's a musical homage as well. But certainly an hoMozge.

9:16 PM  

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