Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello everyone and welome to the ROSKILDE music festival in Denmark!This live reporting is brought to you by Linnea, Nina and Sarah. Just to let you know what is currently going on...Bob Dylan is singing his heart out at the moment! You have to give him credit for being an old man and still being able to startle a crowd. Other than that, today Death cab for cutie, the streets and many more artist will perform who we will report about for you in the next couple of hours. Roskilde is known to be the Woodstock of Europe and we will be sure to bring you the latest updates.


We were trying to recover from yesterday, but Linnea and Jon went to see the acts in the morning, and were espacieally impressed by Birdie Nam Nam and Matisyahu performing at a stage that should have been bigger - his orthodox jewish song brought a huge crowd. Tonight, we are looking forward to the scissor sisters! see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

anyone read this in the summertime? probably not, but this is too good not to pass along:

another entry from this music site i read but always make sure to note i dislike, a collection of amazing music videos that if you work an office job like me will have you fired before the month is out.

have at it

sweeping reform is underway at the old station. i'll tell you about it later, when i don't have much youtubing to do.