Thursday, July 20, 2006

why are you reading this!? it's nice outside.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

so, we just realized we never told you about the gnr concert, for somewhat obvious reasons. being the star that he is, ax decided to wait for an hour before he appeared. well, that might not sound like a lot to you guys, but at rokilde no one is late. when on stage, they gave a somehwhat strange performance. half actual songs, half ax changing clothes while the rest jammed... the roskilde audince was less than entusiastic.

last night, however, the streets turned out to be not as overrated as some people might make us thing they are, and tonight offers things like kanye west and primal scream. we will let you know how those concerts went!
I am Linnea, writing to you from the biggest festival in Norther Europe. In the background I can hear the shout outs from the Orange stage, purchased from the Rolling Stones and now the home of the biggest acts. I will be writing to you every day, and when the station starts up in the summer I will have live interviews with some of today's biggest artists lined up, for your listening pleasure. Please check out the band list at, and if you have any questions you would like to have answered, please email me at .
Roskilde. The idea is pretty simple. Booking good artist, bringing people together for a weekend of music and chilling, it is hard to see how it could get better than that. But Roskilde is so much more than just a music festival. For four days ( or seven, if you know what is best for you) this space which is usuallya dedicated to the grass, is invaded by more than one hundred thousand people from all ages, and they together form a unique collection, dedicated to not just the music but everything beyond it.
Any American festival organizer would go crazy here. There seems to be anarchy ruling the streets. Everything is allowed, no rules apply. There is graffity all over the walls, outside food and alcohol is allowed to be brought inside the area and the police are more friendly than hostile. At the same time the festival has considerably less crime than any other city this size - and believe me, Roskilde is like a city. It has everything you could ever wish for.
Right now I can hear Guns n Roses getting ready to play. Even tough they have been ridiculed in the Festival newspaper, they are nonetheless worth seeing. So for now, I am off, and I will see you tomorrow with an update on how that and many other concerts went! Feel free to contact me with any of your questions, the email add is above!