Monday, July 23, 2007

j mascis on mtv 1993

so i guess this is the third dinosaur post (linking to one's own posts=narcissism?). it would probably be overkill if this clip weren't so awesome--so awesome (and long) youtube won't let me upload it. don't want to spoil it but i have to say it is definitely of its time.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight

i thought this video was cute, in a morose sort of way. it reminds me a little of the skiing dream sequence in "the science of sleep."

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Letter from Washington

I've been in DC for about a month now, and while the city offers everything from Caribbean street carnivals to avant garde installations, the options for the poor and musically inclined have been somewhat limited.

On the way home from work last Monday I noticed dozens of tattooed and american appareled people exiting the metro. Not an usual sight in a big city, but a bit odd in upper NW DC. After scouring the paper for something to do that night I realized they must be headed to Fort Reno, a civil war era bunker complex turned neighborhood park. The fort hosts a summer concert series, not unlike that of Loring Park in Minneapolis.

The lineup that night included none other than Ian Mackaye, the elder statesman of DC rock, and his latest project The Evens.

The Evens

The Evens put on a great show, but the real excitement (for a college radio nerd at least) was the parade of ex-Dischord and aging alternative icons wandering the crowd. I was at the show for all of 5 minutes when I noticed Henry Rollins 10 feet in front of me playing with a little girl.

After being accosted by several young skate punks, Henry walked over to talk to Ian Svenonius who was standing to my immediate left with several Dischord dudes. I managed to meet the very friendly Henry, and share a few words on the virtues of Black Sabbath.

Here's my poor attempt to discreetly take a picture of them...

Ian's irreverent and obnoxious persona is well showcased in his VBS interviews of Henry and Ian.

worth watching at least for the first 10 seconds, where Mackaye calls Svenonius full of shit.

Happy 4th to WMCN and friends, I've got to go find a spot on the mall.