Tuesday, February 28, 2006

interesting thing. according to the English dictionary site online, "Bi-weekly can mean either 'every other week' or 'twice a week'. The same problem arises with bi-monthly. The only way to avoid the ambiguity is not to use the words at all." so im not sure anymore what to call the liner notes! suggestions?
DJs of the ??? bimonth ??? for this week are Magarya Waitara, Adrianne Pontarelli, and Kennedy Maring. they co-host the world show on saturdays from 4-6p. i received two nominations from different people for these DJs! awesome. so im waiting on their interview replies...look for it in the liner notes this friday.
if anyone else has suggestions on what to add, let me know, otherwise i will just do whatever i think is best.
and for those of you wanting to submit reviews--nick, annie, and joe--please send them to me by midday on thursday. same goes for any of you who have suggestions.

well would you look at that. pitchfork names tapes 'n tapes best new mindfuck

but all djs from last semester have known about these local boys for months.

re: soderbergh's bubble
what do you think? i found it rather intriguing--kind of like the reality tv version of me and you and everyone we know. it was equally awkward but more natural. discuss.

Monday, February 27, 2006

as mac kids know, cit/its is garbage. the webcast sounds just awful at the moment. i'm writing a cross email now, will update when i know more.

i just put some [relatively] new doomtree (local hip hop collective) releases down in the station. they are RADIO EDITS, which is a good thing. P.O.S.'s Audition, Sims' Lights Out Paris and Dessa's False Hope. I really really really like the Dessa one.

love annie

Stuart Hudson (WMCN's funk and hip-hop DJ) will be will be spinning here from 12-2am on Saturday March 4th. Everyone should show up. It'll be sweet.



Saturday | March 4 | Doors at 7pm | Show at 8pm 18+
$10 General | $7 students | $5 anyone dressed in all white

Varsity Theater
1308 4th St SE, Mpls


After returning from tour, and debuting his CD internationally in England, TrĂș RĂșts/Speakeasy Records are pleased to announce that Minneapolis' original b-boy and legendary hip hop + spoken word pioneer, Truthmaze, will celebrate the anticipated release of his first CD, Expansions and Contractions, at the Varsity Theater (1308 4th St SE, Mpls), Saturday, March 4; doors at 7:00pm. The show, like an old school groove party, will include guest features, such as Leroy Smokes, Younique, Sister Mimi, Tom Scott and others, including DJs, special surprises and a performances by Truthmaze. Audiences are encouraged to wear all white and will receive a discount to the show if they are so dressed.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

If you're into rock music and are also into WMCN, you could be our newest Rock Director! If you're interested, pick up an application at the Campus Center Info Desk or outside the station door (basement of 30 Mac). Apps are due (at info desk and station door) SUNDAY by 6 pm.

canadian supergroups...

earnest hardworking rockers, or a bunch of commies?

watch for the line (referring to Jason Collett, whose latest is now in the station)

"His solo music is pleasing, something like Ryan Adams if he worked a day job and also took Ativan."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here's another good one:
Flim--The Bad Plus (yousendit link)

I like it more than Aphex Twin's original. David King is a pretty ok drummer, huh.

Some Modern Radio releases will soon be down in the station, including Malachi Constant's new one, Pride.

love annie

ALSO if you are a Jenny Lewis freak like me, check out the video for "rise up with fists" on a dutch website here.
webcast is back up. hooray!

for djs: ipod/computer/whatever with a 1/8" jack input card was installed this morning.
Sure, Macalester is famous for being a college in the midwest that isn't either State-run or Bible-oriented. Mac has a great reputation, and for good reason. But certainly, dear student, you have noted that certain squads in the athletic department have been, well, not impressive, shall we say?

Yeah, sure, the soccer team has been impressive for a decade and a half (mad ups, Coach Leaney). But when will other Macalester teams be noticed by the national press? Oh, dear, dear, silly reader. It has already happened.

Have you not seen ESPN's top 10 list of worst college football programs ever? Macalester is there, and right near the top!

Between 1974 and 1980, the St. Paul, Minn., school lost 50 games in a row. The Scots' worst season probably came in 1977, when MIAC rivals Concordia Moorhead -- yes, the Concordia Moorhead Cobbers -- beat them 97-6, scoring 14 touchdowns to set an NAIA record that still stands (Cobbers kicker Kurt Christenson scored 13 points on extra point kicks alone). Also in 1977, Macalester set a Division III record by allowing 59.1 points per game. The losing streak ended in dramatic fashion: Kicker Bob Kaye put a 23-yarder through the uprights with 11 seconds remaining in an early September 1980 contest as the Scots beat Mount Senario College.

Um, we've come a long way, right? And wherever Bob Kaye is, what do you say to hoisting a drink to his 23-yarder? Thanks Bob Kaye, without you, that streak could have been 20 years longer.


Friday, February 24, 2006

as mac kids already know, we have ridiculously bad internet/it support at Macalester College. the internet has been shut down in our offices and studios, thus the current webradio outage.
Perhaps, as the semester starts, you are thinking about that random person you hooked up with at the soccer party at the beginning of the year. Or maybe you are concerned that you have one semester left, and you about to graduate with 4 minors and no major. Perhaps you are still living with that really awful answer you gave to an essay question (you know the one--you started it with, "Peoples from all over the world have debated this question")

In short, you need a pick-me-up. I suggest when you need a smile, the kind of smile you'd never show your drinking buddies, you visit: http://www.cuteoverload.com

Will pictures of puppies riding a fake monorail hurt or help you? Bunnies in tea cups? Up to you, darling reader, up to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

program guide is up here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

There are two guys doing a show right now where they just play breakbeats and talk about dinosaurs. Totally awesome!

Monday, February 20, 2006

a recent post at said the gramophone introduced me to the website called Ask for Cents. You email a question to q@askforcents.com and a real person will respond. Maybe I'm just lonely (all my friends seem to be on study abroad), but I get a kick out of it. Like said the gramophone, I've asked some questions pertinent to WMCN:

me: how can we get these college radio djs to stop playing so much death cab for cutie?
answer 1: pay them. it's all about the benjamins
answer 2: It is impossible. Mainstream indie must be played. Mainstream indie is not a cliche. I love mainstream indie. You love mainstream indie. We all love mainstream indie. Mainstream indie is our FRIEND. We must obey mainstream indie...

me: what's up with hipsters, anyway?
answer: they're just self-esteemless souls.

me: is a college degree really worth it?
answer: it wasn't for me.

me: jenny lewis and belle & sebastian are both playing in my town on the same night. what do i do?
answer 1: Jenny Lewis all the way!
answer 2:
Find a friend that also wants to go to one of these shows, and both take recording devices to the shows -- later, exchange the recordings. Concert recording can be illegal, so be careful to understand the rules (and the laws). But exchanging recordings with your friend and talking about the shows can also be a fun way to experience both! Good luck!


Saturday, February 18, 2006


together with paul westerberg, this is my contribution to the bloggity blog:

I Will Dare--The Replacements [yousendit link]

I think it will be kept up for 7 days or a certain amount of downloads. Enjoy that.

As interest dictates, we can put up other mp3s from time to time.


AND, for legal reasons, if you represent the artist and want this file removed, let us know: wmcn [at] macalester dot edu.

I'm thinking I'm going to be reading some of this during my show:


-Caitlin--Weds. 5-6pm

Friday, February 17, 2006

hey WMCNers

look for this week's liner notes in the campus center and down in the station. highlights include our on-air schedule this semester (note: shows start at 9 am on weekdays), upcoming events in the twin cities, some new rock CDs, and this week's featured radio show, the sociology of music class's sounds of scenesters, suckas, and sell-outs on thursday nights at 10 pm. also, a correction: t-shirts are selling for FIVE DOLLARS! thats right. and a reminder that underwear is on its way, featuring the slogan "turn us on and we'll turn you on". be sure to check it out.

oh. and tune in WEDNESDAYS all afternoon for a 13 hour long rock block. awesome.