Sunday, November 30, 2008

DOOMTREE BLOWOUT this Saturday 12/6!

Here's a video to get you pumped!

For those that don't know, Doomtree is a sweet local hip hop collective/record label based in Uptown, Minneapolis. Artists include P.O.S., Sims, Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter, Dessa, Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, MK Larada, and Turbo Nemesis.

The concert is always a blast and will sell out!
It is at First Avenue ( this Saturday, Dec 6th, from 6-10pm
Hey Hip Hoppers,

so I just figured out how to start blogging on here. With a strong Hip Hop community in the Twin Cities, WMCN will start to provide an outlet for local hip hop artists to get their music on air (and the web). Check out the Hip Hop Providers on Fridays from 8pm-10pm and Sunday Special Family Rap Hour Sundays from 2-4pm. Our last shows will be this coming week!

We will continue to have tons of local artists on. Past guests have included: Toki Wright, Big Quarters, Prof + Rahzwell, Background Noise Crew, Orikal, The Watchmen, Kritical Kontact, Just Some Cat, Ill Chemistry (Carnage + Desdamona), M.anifest, The Usual Suspects, JSL (301 Studios), Green Sketch, and many more!

Friday, November 21, 2008

(click on the image to read about legendary scottish indie-pop band the delgados and wmcn's fall concert)mp3: the delgados--"the past that suits you best"

oh, and by "hold a place in my heart" i mean a very, very special and dear place--delgados are that good

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blogaholic weekend, part two
New music roundup

Three new albums I like a lot:

Crystal Stilts do the Psychocandy thing on their new Alight of Night, with songs that sound like 45s played at 33 rpm. Sludgy pop music, done very well.

[mp3] Crystal Stilts - "Prismatic Room"

School of Seven Bells, on the merits of Alpinisms, have been getting a lot of comparisons to Cocteau Twins. Yeah, they’re pretty ethereal or whatever, and while their singer of course can’t compare with Elizabeth Fraser, they compensate by pumping their songs full of dense world-y sounds. The band is opening for M83 (whose Saturdays=Youth is as fab as ever) at the Triple Rock in a couple weeks.

[mp3] School of Seven Bells - "Connjur"

David Byrne and Brian Eno’s first collaboration in 27 years is not another collection of groundbreaking rhythm tracks and weird voices (a la My Life in the Bush of Ghosts), but rather a lovely set of monolithic pop songs, called Everything That Happens Will Happen Again. Byrne’s voice will no longer leave you feeling jittery, and the whole affair recalls another smooth and easeful Eno collaboration, 1990’s Wrong Way Up with John Cale.

[mp3] David Byrne & Brian Eno - "Strange Overtones"

And some other good ones I’ve heard recently:

Jay Reatard’s music is way more palatable than a certain image of him in nothing but underwear and fake blood initially led me to believe. There are some garage rock gems (and a Deerhunter cover) on his new collection Matador Singles ’08, whose cover is a shrine to the 7” (floating in a bathtub) and Reatard’s vanity.

Times New Viking’s follow-up to this year’s fantastic Rip It Off is a very quick EP called Stay Awake. Even the poorest musicians no longer need to settle for such shitty production, but these guys insist that the lo-fi era isn’t over yet. They just like to sound that way, and I like what they do.

I’m From Barcelona had a collection of preternaturally cute pop songs on their nice debut, Let Me Introduce My Friends. You might get the impression they’ve gone all gloomy on Who Killed Harry Houdini?, but in fact it’s another set full of melody and togetherness. Opener “Andy” is sort of haunting, but only to the degree that a song by a band of two dozen Swedes can sound haunted.

Gang Gang Dance are rhythmically pretty complex, but they’re hooked on synth-pop synths, so the end result of many of the songs on Saint Dymphna is sort of like Erasure’s instrumental “Sixty-Five Thousand” or any of their 80s club remixes. Gang Gang Dance don’t bother with vocals, but they don’t make it easy for you to dance.

Note: All these albums are available for download from WMCN’s e-mail account, or can be found on CD on the new music shelves. I’ll try to burn copies of the good stuff for the booth ASAP.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The weather has turned bad in Minnesota, which is not to say that it's not still pretty outside (it is). Anyway, as a result I have started playing somber British rock/pop music again. Here's a good one in that category, by the fantastic early 90s Catherine Wheel. The song is too loud to be very somber, but it does contain what might still be my favorite moment in recorded music. Listen to what happens at 2:20 (and the preceding maelstrom) and see if your heart doesn't drop out of your chest. Whoa!

[mp3] Catherine Wheel - "Strange Fruit"

Yeah, it's called "Strange Fruit." I don't want to discredit Lady Day's (unrelated) song of the same name, which a larger segment of the world's population probably considers to be the greatest moment in recorded music, far greater than this trifling shoegazing zinger by the underloved Catherine Wheel.

Sunday, November 02, 2008